August 7, 2019

The Power Of Music In Your Restaurant

Music should be a primary focus, not an afterthought.

Music has a big impact on the experience of dining in your restaurant

This post is being written from one of my favorite breakfast restaurants that, unfortunately, does very little well. In addition to the overcooked eggs, today’s most interesting oversight is the choice of music.

We are currently listening to the soundtrack from Grease, which would normally be a great choice – this restaurant is a breakfast diner and it’s summer time. The problem is it’s a chilly, rainy morning.

We hardly ever get cold/dreary mornings here in Puerto Vallarta so when it happens, it’s actually kind of exciting. It’s the closest we get to a “snow day” experience.

The first thing that popped into my mind today when thinking of breakfast was to head to the diner for a hot cup of joe and some introspective conversation amongst the other locals as the rain pounds outside the open-air entrance. Sounded dreamy in my head.

But here I am writing this. Kind of hard to have a Seattle-esque experience when the speaker above my head is trying to make me believe I should be heading to the beach.

Am I being dramatic with this example? Sure. But the point remains that music has a profound effect on people and what you play in your restaurant 100% affects the mood and habits of your customers. Being cognizant and attentive about what goes out over your speakers can easily take a good experience and make it unforgettable.

But, hey – at least they remember to turn the music on today 🤣

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