August 8, 2019

The Best Instagram Marketing Tip For Restaurants With No Budget

Do this for an hour each day and you will have more customers showing up at your restaurant!

As a matter of fact, every restaurant should be doing this – budget or not!

First, let’s understand the “why”

Before you can market to someone, you need their attention and there are very few things that grab your attention more than a push notification from your phone.

When you get a push notification, your phone vibrates, and all of your attention immediately focuses on the message your phone has waiting for you.

That’s why you want to follow this advice – to make peoples’ phones put your restaurant’s logo in front of their face. For free.

A good percentage of people who receive the push notification from your like/comment will click through to check out your profile. And if your profile looks good, a percentage of them will come through your door.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1:

Make sure you Instagram bio is set up properly. It should contain some brief, compelling info about what you serve, your location, your hours, your phone number, and your website link.

*Pro Tip* – use the Notes application on your phone to type out your bio then copy/paste into your Instagram settings. This enables you to make line breaks. Bonus points for proper Emoji use.

Like this (these guys don’t have a phone number, but the rest is on point):

Step 2:

Open your Instagram app and make sure you’re logged in as your business.

Step 3:

Open the search tab (magnifying glass icon) and type in the name of your town or city. Click the result with the map pin (not the hashtag).

Tap the “Recent” tab. This will show you all of the latest Instagrams posted in your area in chronological order, starting with the most recent.

Tap the first image and all the images will stack on top of each other so you can scroll down through them. Notice that below the comments of an image, you can see the time stamp of when it was posted.

Step 4:

Like every image posted within the past few hours and look for opportunities to leave relevant comments. For example, the image above is an easy opportunity to leave a comment like:

“Great view! A hike like that will work up a hunger  😉”

But don’t feel like you always have to sell yourself – it will slow you down and can easily annoy people. Most of your comments should be quick, easy, and light-hearted. Going back to the example above, just “Great view!” would work.

Remember, the name of the game is to just get your restaurant’s name/logo in front of people that you know are in your area. Don’t over think it.

Step 5:

Rinse and repeat for at least one hour each day.

That’s it – now go execute!

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