Next-Level Reservation Request Follow Up

Increase the odds of a great guest experience ahead of time with personalized video.

Do you accept reservation requests? If so, how much thought have you put into your followup process?

If you’re like most restaurants, your follow up is probably just an email confirming the date/time. But it could be so much more.

Bonjoro is an app that’s having a big impact on the marketing industry, especially for businesses with “no show” challenges. The app makes it super simple to film and send quck, personalized videos via email. And when you combine it with the reservation request form on your website + Zapier, the result is pretty powerful.

By sending a personalized video back to people who request a reservation, you have the opportunity to:

  1. Instantly create a connection between the person and your business
  2. Pre-sell them on specials
  3. Increase the likelihood of a good experience, which leads to higher tickets, higher tips, and more positive reviews

If you’d like to upgrade your reservation request followup process but need help with implementation, let us know via the form below!

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