June 3, 2019

How To Show Up In Google Maps For Specific Menu Items

Show up in local Google Map searches for specific items by having people mention them in Google Comments

If your bar or restaurant sells things that your competitors don’t, follow this hack to make sure you show up in Google Map searches for those items!

If you’re a coldbrew coffee lover like we are, you know the sheer frustration of popping into a coffee shop only to find out they don’t actually sell cold brew.

“What self-respecting coffee shop would not offer coldbrew?” you ask? Don’t even get us started…

Anyway, the best way to prevent wasting time checking out businesses that don’t actually sell the niche product you’re looking for is to search for that product in Google Maps. The app does an excellent job of returning only locations that offer that product near you.

But how do they know which coffee shops do or don’t sell coldbrew?

The real answer is by scanning (probably) hundreds of data points they have access to, but one answer we’re certain of is that they scan through the business’s Google Business reviews.

Check out this search result for Cold Brew, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia:

Nearly every business in the list will have at least one comment that mentions “cold brew”. We have found a few business here and there who appear in results who don’t have the keyword in a review, so clearly Google also looks in other places, but we’ve found that having a review that mentions the keyword is a surefire way to appear in the maps results.

If you’re business sells a product that most of your competitors don’t, be sure to have a friend or family member leave you a review that mentions the product – especially if your business is located in a city as there are always people new to the area searching for things around them!

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