February 5, 2019

How To Add Cool Icons To The Top Of Your Instagram Profile

Make your Instagram profile stand out by pinning stories with cool icons!

Add Cool Icons To The Top Of Your Instagram Profile

You’ve probably seen Instagram profiles by now that have a row of cool icons across the top of their profile like this:

Step 1:

Find icons you like that represent whatever you want to pin to the top of your profile. An easy approach is to have an icon for each section of your menu. You can Google Image search for icons, but we like to use Flat Icon so that we can get a set of icons that are all done in the same style.

Step 2:

Open your icons in Photoshop or any other editor that allows you to change the color or put a gradient on icons and save them as transparent .png files.

Step 3:

Make an image (sized 1080 x 1920 pixels) with each icon centered over a white background.

Step 4:

Use email or Airdrop to send the images from Step 3 to your phone.

Step 5:

Make sure you have an image on your phone that represents each icon you made. These will be what people see when they click each icon. For example, if you’re adding a wine icon to represent your wine list, you’ll need a cell-phone sized image of your wine list saved on your phone.

Step 6:

Open Instagram > Swipe left to Stories > Open an image you want to add an icon for > Save to your Story

Step 7:

Go to your Instagram profile page > Tap the “+ New” button >

Select the image you just added to your Story > Tap “Next” > Tap “Edit Cover” > Open your photo library > Select the image with your icon > Tap “Done” > Name your icon with something short (best if you can use one word as this is what shows directly under your icon).

That’s it! If you need help setting up icons, let us know via the form below : )

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